North Atlantic not only supplies     you with the product you     require, but can also tailor your     product to meet the needs of     your customers. The following     value-added services can help     you customize your order for a     faster, more efficient     turnaround to your customer.


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 Dry packing is available on request and consists of placing components in a moisture  barrier bag along with desiccant and a humidity indicator. Desiccant is used to ensure  a low moisture level. Dry packing is provided to ensure the quality of all goods leaving  our warehouse.



 Tape and Reel Packaging offers an easy-to-use, high volume, industry-wide  compatible accepted packaging fomat for most device package types. We offer many  different types of packaging including radial, ammo, and smd. All taping is performed  in accordance with the most current EIA/IS standards or customer supplied  specifications. Services can be performed same day, but standard turn-around time is  2-3 days. Custom carriers can be designed and tooled to meet all part specifications.  All machines are equipped with counters to provide accurate reel counts. Tape and  reeling is available as an extra service per customer demand.



 Ceramic, metal and some plastic packages to almost any surface-mount footprint can  be processed, including most flatpacks and quadpacks. All work is done in an ESD  controlled area. All incoming devices are inspected and processed in a timely, efficient  manner. Lead forming is available as an extra service per customer demand.



 Electronic components can be tested for industrial strength temperatures. This type of  testing provides customers with a level of comfort that the electronic components will  meet the temperature needs of the application in which they are to be utilized.  Industrial temperature screening is available as an extra service per customer  demand.



 Commercial and military applications require different types of components. We  provide screening for both military and commercial applications to ensure our  customers that the electronic components they purchase will meet the stringent  requirements of each component's intended application. Commercial and military  screening is available as an extra service per customer demand.



 We use Bar Coding methods that meet or exceed the standards set forth by the  Electronic Industries Association(EIA). We utilize different size labels for both inner  and outer packages. Custom labels can also be designed to meet customer supplied  specifications. Bar coding is available as an extra service per customer demand.