We buy and sell manufacturers      excess inventory. Consult our    excess inventory specialist to      custom-design a program that     best fits your excess inventory     needs. We have introduced the following opportunities to better serve all of our customers excess inventory problems.


    Optifuse produces one of the     widest ranges of miniature,     subminiature and surface mount     fuses used for the protection of     appliances to the most     sophisticated electronic     equipment. Visit them at


    Cal-Chip Electronics is committed     to "Quality Excellence" through     the dedication of our employees,     and allocation of all our     resources to the manufacture     and supply of "ZERO DEFECT"     products. Our mission is to     supply all of our customers on     time, ever time and to the     "Highest Quality Standards".     Visit them at


    Founded in 1980 as a division of     Keltron Electronics Corp.,     Keltron  Connector Co. is a     manufacturer of high quality,     competitively priced,      commercial electronic     connectors. Keltron offers a     wide range of industrial standard     products and, coupled with its     research and development     department, is committed to     innovation and technological      advancement. Visit them at